Ruminations and Revelations

That’s what I want a new section of my blog to be named.  Because I think I want to share my “genius” and “not so genius but seriously take a minute to think about that and you’ll start to wonder, too” thoughts.  It would be especially helpful to 1) get to know me a little better; 2) talk to myself less; and 3) have something to share when I’ve been too sick/busy to keep you updated on projects and/or recipes.

Of course, a drawback to this would be that there might not be pictures in these posts.  Maybe I’ll find some fun clip art.  For now, I want you to consider these things:

1) I’m into numbered lists today.  This one really didn’t need to be in bold.

2) What exactly do cab drivers talk about on the phone ALL day?  Who do they talk to?  Even I, queen of chatter, would run out of things to say.  I think.  Is this a challenge?

3) Do mailmen work 6 days a week?  Your mail comes 6 days a week.  (I actually asked a mailman this last week, and the answer was yes.  Except it was Betsy’s mailman and as soon as he left she shared that she, in fact, doesn’t get any mail on Tuesdays.  And sometimes Wednesdays.  So his response may have been a fib.)

4) Why do salads taste so much better when someone else makes them for you?  I have actually gone into Au Bon Pain on a number of occasions and recreated the same salad I made for myself a number of times and yet mine never lives up to that ABP deliciousness.

5) Kiwis have as much vitamin C as an orange.  I have been running around telling everyone they have more vitamin C than oranges, but it turns out what I should have been saying was, “Kiwis have more vitamin C per ounce than oranges.”  Meaning that a full size orange still has more Vitamin C (but they’re so close it almost doesn’t count) but an orange the size of a kiwi would have less.  (I also eat the skin on kiwis.  You should, too.  At least try it.)

Yes.  This is what goes on in my head.  I’m also renowned for repeating any fact someone tells me without actually finding out if it’s a fact.  As a matter of fact (ha), I spent three years of college repeating “facts” my friend Carolyn told me (which she provided as answers to my own questions) before she finally told me that she made up about 75% of her responses.

I probably still repeat them anyway.  She was just so convincing!

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4 Responses to Ruminations and Revelations

  1. Betsy says:

    I SWEAR my mailman doesn’t deliver six days a week. And because he doesn’t deliver on Tuesday, I get a buttload of mail on Wednesday. No christmas tip for him this year!

  2. Kathryn says:

    1) I love numbered lists.
    2) I was just thinking about this after my trip to NYC(you read my mind). and also, who are they talking to that they can stop and start talking sporatically to their customers. my last cabbie in NY would talk to us for a sentence or two and then pick up his cell convo in a different language. WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO AND WHAT ABOUT AND WHY DONT THEY HANG UP ON YOU WHEN YOU STOP SPEAKING TO THEM?
    3) Carolyn told me that Wendy’s Frosties were made out of potatoes, I told everyone at BC this… then I became known as the girl that makes stuff up… but next time you eat one, look at the texture really close.

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