To Eat or Not To Eat

That isn’t actually the question.  Let’s be honest.  I’m going to eat.  Even if my life didn’t depend on it, I’d still choose eating over not eating.  But it’s that ugly struggle people face daily and it goes like this:

Self:  “My God.  Those Lindt truffles look delicious.”

Self:  “But you know there are about 40 calories in each.”

Self:  “Yes, but I went to the gym today, so my thighs are going to be so lean.  I deserve one.”

Self:  “One is one thing.  But you’ve already eaten four and are contemplating a fifth.  Your gym visit won’t cut that.  (Especially if you’re also counting the hot chocolate and the Snickers you had as a 9:00am pick-me-up.)”

Note that there isn’t a “good self” or a “bad self.”  As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing wrong with lusting after Lindt truffles … or five of them … (Don’t judge me.)  And I think it’s awesome to go to the gym.  And I do it.  But I am not really of the “work out to lose weight” mindset.  I have a whole lot of “workout to maintain” mindset.  Because, let’s be serious.  If I keep it up with the truffles, it doesn’t matter how long I go to the gym.  Unless I stop eating everything else.

All of this leads up to Pinterest (doesn’t it always?) and one of my favorite pins ever.

Another fun fact:  My “Recipes” board has 124 pins and my “Sweet Eats” board has 97 pins.  That’s a combined 221 pins dedicated to food.

I have 14 “Fitness” pins.

But hey.  It’s Friday.  And this post should just say to you, “Enjoy your weekend!”  Because I’m heading to NYC, and it’s sure to be gluttonous.  Mmmm…

P.S.  Happy Birthday, Kathryn!

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3 Responses to To Eat or Not To Eat

  1. Carolyn says:

    Hahaha, love this post. It’s so true. I often tell people that my hobby is baking; I had to take up the hobby of running to support my true passion.

  2. Kathryn says:

    “A gym is not designed to make you feel instantly better about yourself. If a gym wanted to make you feel instantly better about yourself, it would be a bar.”

    Thanks for the bday wishes and for being the delivery girl! Have a blast in NYC

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