Big Apple Pie

As I told you last Friday, Kevin and I headed to the Empire State for the weekend.  Sadly we did not rock out to the accompanying tune on the way down… but I’ll make up for that here:

So while you get your groove on, I’ll tell you a little about the weekend.  In a word, it was awesome. In pictures, it was also awesome.  One of my best friends from college – Cate – lives in Greenwich Village with her (also awesome) husband Scott – he is doing his residency at NYU – so Kevin and I decided it was time to visit.  We headed down Friday afternoon, arriving at 8:45pm and turned around to head back to Boston on the 8:15am bus on Sunday morning.

I can’t say enough about The Smith, which is where we had dinner our first night.  We had a reservation for 9:30 and didn’t get seated until 10:30 (boo) but they had a bar (yay) and then gave us three delicious appetizers on the house for the extra long wait (double yay!).

(Let me say here that there are no pictures of any consequence from this weekend.  But I love them.)

By the time we were seated, we were a little slap happy (may also be confused with “relaxed” after an hour at the bar).  That’s Cate with Kevin.  And it’s a very typical Cate pose.

Scott and I decided to beef up the other side of the table.  The best part about The Smith (other than Allagash White on tap and awesome food):  a photo booth downstairs outside of the basement.  Possibly the best $3 I spent all weekend.

Oh wait.  The best $3 I spent all weekend was at The Doughnut Plant on Saturday morning.

I couldn’t make up my mind, so I opted for a vanilla bean donut AND a cinnamon bun.  (In my defense, I wound up saving the cinnamon bun for Sunday afternoon, but nothing could beat that vanilla bean donut… It was the size of Cate’s face.)

Most of the weekend revolved around food, but we did walk all over on Saturday – it was 60 degrees and sunny, after all! – and toured Central Park and a little bit of SoHo.  Junior, Cate and Scott’s dog, joined us.  And when she joined us on the subway, she had to stay in a bag.

Thank God she’s little.  And has an incredibly pleasant disposition of, “As long as I’m with you, I don’t care what happens.  Even if it includes toting me around in a Vera Bradley duffle.”

Lunch was at Moustache, a Turkish restaurant where they bake the pita bread right before they bring it to you, so it’s puffed up like a balloon and you have to pop it before indulging and “watch out for you face because it will get burned by the steam.”

Obviously that picture had to happen.

And dinner at Empellon Saturday night might have topped them all.  Best guacamole of my life, an entire side of the menu dedicated to tequila, and sensational steak tacos that were loved by all.  We did quite a bit of sharing.  As the waitress said, “You should all try something different instead of getting three orders of the steak tacos.”  To which I say (in hindsight), “Hey lady.  You were right.  Everything was yummy.  But I definitely wouldn’t have had a problem with three orders of steak tacos.  For myself.  Now if you’ll please excuse me while we indulge in a gratuitous photo shoot at the table.”

Cate and I have the same watch.  (Yep!  I got my favorite present from my wish list!)  It’s funny, but I think the watch looks so much smaller on me than it does on her.  It’s definitely big, but when it comes to ratio of my man-hands to Cate’s regular lady-hands, I end up with a smaller looking watch.

And for some more gratuitous photo sharing, this is my new favorite picture of Kevin and me.  He’s not one for the camera, so I was oh-so-thrilled to capture this one.  I especially like the coloring – looks fancier than it is.

I should have titled this post, “Eating My Way Through the Big Apple.”  Apparently I’m starting a food diary.  All I have to say is this:  If you head to New York anytime soon, you can not go wrong with any of the restaurants we visited.  Not-a-one.

Did you chow your way into a pair of stretched out yoga pants this weekend?  No?  Well have no fear… a three-day weekend is just around the corner, so you can make up for it then.

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2 Responses to Big Apple Pie

  1. Danielle says:

    Looks like you guys had a great time!!! I love all the pic’s!!

  2. Carolyn says:

    That picture of you and Kevin is sooo cute!

    and I’m super jealous…of the food…of the C2…of seeing Junior in a duffle bag.

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