Watch This

Well there’s nothing to watch, really, but I did take a step toward one of my “I don’t usually make resolutions but this year I sort of did” resolutions.  The “Spend Less Money” resolution.

I canceled my online Weight Watchers subscription.  I know.  It’s the anti-resolution.  But let’s be serious:  1) that picture is totally photo-shopped, 2) “lose weight” wasn’t on my resolution list (although I’m trying to be better about gym attendance), and 3) I like Skinny Taste for Weight Watchers recipes.  I never used the online tool, and I haven’t counted Points in about 3 months.

So there it is.  An extra $18 in my pocket “try someplace new” fund each month. 

P.S.  I will say that if you’ve ever considered Weight Watchers, go for it.  It’s amazing.  If you actually do it.

Photo found here and edited by yours truly.

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