When I Grow Up…

Yeah.  That’s right.  I’m 26 and nowhere near adulthood.  Some days I am fine with this.  Other days I’m not.  Recently (as in the past 48 hours), I have been a little more concerned with my personal lack of direction.  So I started thinking about what I could/would/used-to-want-to do.  Here’s what I came up with:

1)  TV star. Clarice and I just realized that not only was Conan O’Brien from Brookline (where we currently live), but Barbara Walters was also born there.  We are destined to be in front of the camera.  Clarice did ask what kind of TV show we should have and I recommended a mix between Ellen and Revenge.  I don’t know how we’ll do this, but I was thinking either staging murder mysteries on the show, or just having a talk show dedicated to discussing trashy TV and interviewing the actors.

I would totally watch it.

2)  Catie’s Candy Co.  This is a throwback.  I used to tell everyone I was going to own a candy store.  I thought it was destined to be (apparently I put a lot in destiny) because my name starts with a C.  “Katie’s Candy Co.” just wouldn’t fly.  But considering my mom told me once why I couldn’t work at an ice cream parlor – “Catie, you’ll do nothing but eat the ice cream” – I should probably avoid the candy store, too.  That and, at the time of this dream, I had no idea just how much dental insurance cost.

3.  Author.  Seriously.  I have always wanted to write a book.  But (also) seriously – my attention span is short, and I always find an excuse to not get started.  For example, I used to think, “When I have a new computer – one that I want to spend time with – I’ll start writing more.”  I’ve had my new computer – one that I like to spend time with – since July.  Still no book.  Not even Microsoft Word.  My new motto should be, “When I have Microsoft Word, I’ll start writing a book.”  But just in case I somehow do end up writing a book (purely fiction, of course), I won’t share my awesome show-stopping title with you.  I will say that it would be a book for the beach.  Preferably with a teal or pink cover.  You know the ones.

4.  Wedding Planner.  I’m a girl.  Do I even need to explain more?  In short:  I love paper, flowers, cake, dresses, favors, decorations, and open bars.  And even though I don’t love J. Lo, I did love the flick.

5.  Interior Decorator.  Another no-explanation-needed.  But this is something I’d want to do on a budget.  This may, in fact, be the most realistic one yet.  I just need someone to let me redesign their home…  And, yet again, I have an awesome title but no content.

For today, I’ll stick with my not-to-be-disclosed-but-none-of-the-above job, and I’ll do my best to figure out where to go from here.  Besides, this could just be a 48 hour virus.  I might be a-okay and stress-free come tomorrow morning.  I’m really in no rush to grow up.  Who is?  You?  What’s your dream job?  Bacon tester?  Florist?  Marathoner?  Professional tourist?  I’d say yes to any of those.  Except the marathon one…

Pictures found here, here, here, here, here and here.

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