Pro Bowl 2012

Last weekend was a weekend of gluttony.  Sheer gluttony.  Too much food.  Too much alcohol.  Too many M&M’s.  Loads of dancing.  Even more laughing.  And lots and lots of JCrew tees.  It was our second annual Pro Bowl weekend.

Last year 7 girlfriends and I rented a house in North Conway, NH.  It was $600 for the weekend and the schedule went like this:  Friday night late arrivals with wine and catching up.  Saturday was a bagel breakfast and roll out to Starbucks and then some outlet shopping before heading home to shower up and make a baked ziti dinner followed by an early departure for The Red Parka Pub.

So because last year was so great, we did the exact same this year.  Exact.  Same.  Weekend.  Same date (hence “Pro Bowl 2012”).  Same itinerary (although there was the addition of an impromptu dance party Friday night and a short-lived plan to “Flash mob the Parka!”).  Same meals.  Same Saturday night wait outside of the Red Parka even though we got there at 7pm…

The only real distinctions: we upped the ante to 11 girls and decided on a fairly themed outfit of JCrew tees and bright colors.


We’ve already agreed to reserve the house for Pro Bowl 2013 and – with any luck – we’ll have even more lovely ladies participating.  Now please sit back and enjoy a brief photo montage from the weekend:

What do you say?  Because I say TOUCHDOWN PRO BOWL 2012!

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5 Responses to Pro Bowl 2012

  1. katie gillespie says:

    a pic with all our faces! woo! the girls in the sherbet shirts! loveee it!

  2. Mom says:

    Hello, Ladies.
    What a great photo!!! You’re all so lovely!!
    Enjoyed our moments together in N.C. NH.
    Catie Honey, you made the right t-shirt choice.

    You know I love ya/And nice ta meetcha….


  3. Carolyn says:

    Count me in for Pro Bowl 2013! You all must have blown the socks off those small town men…

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