At Least It Wasn’t a Total Loss…

I wouldn’t call myself a Patriots fan.  Largely because I don’t follow them.  Or any sports, for that matter (although I love Sports Center… explain that).  Regardless, everyone can get into a game now and then.  Especially when it’s the Super Bowl.

Clarice and I watched the game at our apartment solo (our beloveds are huge Patriots fans and all we could say at the end was, “I am so glad we aren’t with our boyfriends right now…”).  So we donned our stretch pants and sweatshirts and used the excuse of the Super Bowl to treat ourselves to everything cheesy.  Seriously, though.  Every single thing we made had cheese in it.  And we did it in courses.  And it was all delicious.

Baked Ravioli.

I saw this in the issue of Clean Eating I was reading at the Laundromat earlier in the afternoon, and Clarice pointed out that we did, in fact, have ravioli at the house.  Done.  (Cheaters:  We used vodka sauce that we already had in the fridge for the dipping sauce.)

Bacon Cheesy Goodness Puffs.

I made these in the fall for Kevin and me (although his had jalapenos in them), but these ones were so. much. better.  I attribute the improvements to not cutting the crescent in half (so they weren’t bite size) and letting the cheddar cheese and the crescent rolls sits out long enough to get to room temperature, thereby ensuring the cheese would be extra melty in the short 8 minutes it takes to bake them.  If these pictures get you drooling, hop on over here for the recipe.

Taco Dip.This recipe is technically a Weight Watchers recipe.  Except it isn’t really a Weight Watchers recipe when you eat approximately six times the serving size… whatever.  It’s a Skinny Taste recipe that my boyfriend’s sister-in-law Danielle improved on . (I have mentioned Danielle a few times on here and I have to either just start calling her “Danielle” with no explanation or make up a shortened version of “my boyfriend’s sister-in-law” because it’s too much to type.)  I will need to dedicate an entire post to its glory someday, but in case you want to make it before then, here are a couple tips: heat up the dip in the oven (before adding the lettuce and tomato) and add sausage to the cheesy portion… mmmm…

We were going to have a pizza, too (more cheese – duh), but because we paced ourselves with the rest of our treats, we were too full to consider it.  And this is why I have to say that, despite the Patriots loss, we had a winning evening of food.  As a matter of fact, we even had a couple Snickerdoodles that Clarice made.  (Thank God she only saved 6 for us… those puppies were a-ma-zing.)

What did you kids do for the Super Bowl?  Mom – did you take any pictures of your spread?  (Is it weird that I just asked Mama O a direct question via blogging?)

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