Disclaimer.  I originally wrote this post on February 16, 2011 – one week after the event it describes happened.  I didn’t even have a blog at this point.  And I didn’t have one until more than 6 months later.  But here it is.  Exactly one year after the anniversary of the achievement.  Because everything comes full circle, right?

“Call me Prefontaine.” That was the first thing I said to Clarice when I walked into work on Wednesday, February 9th, 2011. I know the day and the date (and even the time, but I arrived a little late due to aforementioned “Prefontaine-ness”, so I’ll keep that one to myself).

No idea who Prefontaine is? Jared Leto. That’s who. Fine. He isn’t actually Prefontaine, but he does pretend to be him in the biographical film called – wait for it – Prefontaine. (Bet you didn’t see that one coming.) Clarice and I have different opinions on the film – she liked it and I hated it. I hated it so much so that it’s an ongoing joke in my family when someone says, “Do you want to rent a movie?” that someone else invariably says, “Prefontaine.” Because no one in the O’s ever wants to watch it again.

But I digress. (As usual.) Another digression: Is it actually considered a digression if digressions have become so routine they’re expected? So by rearing their pretty little heads with such frequency that people actually start setting an extra spot at the dinner table for them. Is an expected unexpected fifth table setting a digression anymore? I might say… no. But then I might say yes. So then that would go off on yet another tangent, which we simply don’t have time for because I’m about to regale you with the most sensational accomplishment of my athletic life so far:

I ran 22.9% of a marathon. That’s right. SIX WHOLE MILES. Yes. I know that it isn’t even a quarter of a marathon, but when I make it a percentage reaching my (nonexistent) goal of completing a marathon seems that much closer. “I only have to run that 22.9% three more times – on top of that first one – and I will have finished a marathon!” I know this will never happen because I don’t actually like running very much. I do it because everyone else who does it happens to be in great shape.  But typically getting to the 2 mile mark (and not via “interval” [the good ol’ walk/run] training) is challenge enough. As a matter of fact, I think if someone told me he had to RUN two miles in the snow to get to school each day – and uphill both ways – I might actually believe him. Or at least sympathize even if I didn’t believe “uphill both ways”. Because even running downhill is kind of a bitch.

Surely you’re wondering, “Why on earth is she talking about this now? It was MONTHS ago.” And all I have to say to that is… they don’t ’em the glory days for nothin’.

You’ll be the first to know if it ever happens again.

And that, kids, is how I got here today.  Fine.  Not true.  I certainly didn’t run to where I am sitting right now.  But I figured it was a good end to story time.  Either way.  I did say, “You’re be the first to know if it ever happens again”…

Spoiler: It didn’t happen again (haven’t gotten past the 4 mile mark since – and even that was only once), but Kevin and I decided we are signing up for 50% of a marathon!  That’s right.  Also known as a half marathon.  It’s in New Hampshire.  On May 12th.  I have three months to kill myself training (or complaining – God bless Kev and all of you for having to listen to/read it).

Maybe I should just practice the running man instead.  I’ll use this tutorial to get started (so can you).

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