Two Days Late

I know it’s two days late, but in my defense, Kevin and I “celebrated” one day late, so really this post is only one (more) day late.  You follow?

We don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day – at least we haven’t the two that we have celebrated together.  We haven’t spent time together on the actual day.  I bought him a key chain last year and treats me to chocolates – yum.  It’s more just, “Hey.  I love you.  Every day.  So there it is.”

But this year I sort of said, “I love you.  I love us.  And I love this.  So I am going to give it to you and take it right back.”  Here’s what I picked up for my room Kevin this Valentine’s Day:

Who says romance is dead?  This thing makes me laugh every time I see it (if it makes you laugh, too, I found it here on Etsy and it comes in other colors).  I gave it to Kevin and immediately took it back because I have to get it framed.  The conversation went like this:

Me:  “I have to take it back, so I can get it framed.”

Kevin:  “Okay.”

Me:  “What color frame do you want?”

Kevin:  “Whatever you think would look best.”

Me:  “Well… if it’s going in your room, I’d say brown or black but in my room, I’d say white.”

Kevin:  “Is this going in your room?”

Me:  “Well I went with the orange because I thought it would look great with my bedding…”

Kevin:  “Well, I can put it under the Budweiser sign in my room.”

Oh my boyfriend.  I’m getting a white frame.  For my room.  And it’s going next to my wardrobe.

Any plans for your long weekend?  I’m heading off to a certain special destination to catch up with some good friends.  Where am I going?  I’ll give you a hint:

San Francisco.  Woo to the hoo!  I can’t wait.  The best part?  I’m taking Friday and Tuesday off, so it’s an extra long weekend.  And because I’ve been a couple of times before, there will be a whole lotta catching up and less “playing tourist.”  (Although if someone tries to keep me away from the Ghiradelli factory, he will get hurt.  That’s your final warning.)  I’ll take lots of pictures, I promise.  (That’s my biggest blog downfall, I’ve determined.  I’d post more if I had more photos.  I think.)

Either way – you’ll get a recap.  Yay for Presidents’ Day!  Love those guys.

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