If You’re Going to San Francisco…

Forget Simon and Garfunkel and head straight for the bottomless mimosas at Bullitt.  All you can drink.  11am-3pm.  $15.  Clearest mimosas you’ve ever seen.

And the food is amazing, too.  (Yes.  I went with the “lumberjack” breakfast.  And six hours later had a burger with mac and cheese…)

I spent President’s Day weekend in San Francisco spending time with my friend Maureen.   Maureen and I met when we lived together studying abroad in Australia and we’ve made a point to try to get together once or twice a year since.  This was the first trip we’ve ever taken where we didn’t have an agenda and not a single thing we had to do.  Which was amazing.

When you don’t have an agenda, you can get your nails done.  Which was obviously meant to be, considering they had pillows covered in the same fabric that I made my living room pillow covers out of.

Yes.  I hug pillows in public.  (I loved my nail color, by the way.  Essie’s Fiesta in case you like it too.  Or in case I need to reference this post at a later point in time.)

Maureen lives at the bottom of Russian Hill.  And this is the view from her roof.

Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge!  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Every time I go to San Francisco, I want to move there.  A big reason being my love of Maureen’s roof.

We ate a lot – starting with brunch on Friday at The Grove in Marina.  Best iced mocha I’ve ever had.  And the awesome huge glass was a huge plus.  Ha.  (Seriously, though.  I had every intention of an orange juice until I saw someone else’s mocha.)

We also walked.  You know.  So we could eat more.  And we walked up the second steepest hill in San Francisco.  In workout clothes.  So we’d look for legit.  With Starbucks.  Because we weren’t actually legit at all.  But maybe someone thought we were coming from yoga.  Which I don’t do.

There are actually stairs in the sidewalk because it is so steep.

And we of course got a bit of shopping in.  No major purchases, but we came across some very appropriate tees at Old Navy.

Especially because we booked our flights to France on our last night!  We are officially traveling to Europe in May!  (And even did it in exercise clothes.  To look legit.  Ignore the box of thin mints.)

So Bon Voyage!  Well not yet.  But I can’t wait.  I have to start brushing up on my French. All I know right now is bonjour and croissant.  Actually, if I could just figure out wine and cheese, I will probably be good to go…

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One Response to If You’re Going to San Francisco…

  1. Mom says:

    Chere, Catie, mon petit lapin, (Dear Catie, my little bunny,)
    Je suis ici pour vous aider. (I am here for you to help.)
    Quand vous vouler du vin, dire “Je voudrais un verre de chardonnay, s’il vous plait.
    (When you want some wine, say “I would like a glass of chardonnay, please.”)
    Quand vous vouler du fromage et du pain, dire “Je voudrais du fromage et du pain, s’il vous plait.”
    (When you want some cheese and some bread, say “I would like some cheese and some bread, please.)
    Je t’aime.

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