State Silhouettes

Funny to think that I said this was part DIY/design/let me tell you how I’m improving my apartment blog, and I haven’t shared anything about my apartment in… a while.  So I’m back – at last – with a quick and easy DIY project.

State silhouettes are everywhere these days, and I lust after them regularly on Etsy.  A few of my favorites (they’re all linked up to the seller sites in case you like them, too):

Sidenote: I didn’t realize when I posted these that they are all the same color scheme.

I didn’t, however, love the words or the hearts.  I think the hearts are great for sweet themes like weddings and that jazz, but I wanted to represent Clarice and me a little in our apartment and we don’t really share that heart-shaped love… if you know what I’m saying.  Plus.  I didn’t want to pay for the silhouettes.

So I made them a couple mini silhouettes myself.  I started by printing out state outlines I found on the world wide web that would fit the 4×6 canvases I wanted to use.

I cut them out and centered them on the canvases:

And traced away:

I wasn’t too concerned with perfection (my sense of geography is terrible anyway) because I decided that no one would be looking at them too closely and I could paint over my “oops” pencil lines.

A little bit of craft paint bought at A.C. Moore with a coupon and about three coats later, I had ME…

And MA:

You can’t tell very well in these photos, but the Maine silhouette is navy blue and the Massachusetts silhouette is more of an aubergine (dark purple for those geographically challenged people).

I have big plans for these little silhouettes.  They will be part of a grander scheme.  And as  soon as it stops snowing/raining/sleeting/stays lighter longer/I’m around some weekend… I’ll show you.  (Read: I have no idea when, so don’t hold your breath, but I’m going to get on it.  I swear.)

This project was incredibly easy, and I imagine it would be just as simple if you’re hoping to get some home-grown love in your life, too.  On any scale.

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