Unfinished Project # 312

I don’t actually know that this is my 312th unfinished project, but I have a history of “this is the best idea ever, and I am going to own it and it’s going to be amazing and I will be the envy of all the towns for my creativity and I will save money because I will be crafting inside and making my apartment adorable” and then having it go down in flames.  Half finished.  In a tupperware container.  Under my uber-high bed.

Except this unfinished project is too big to put under my bed.  So instead of forgetting about it, I’m reminded of it daily.  Meet:  The chair.

I know.  Its beauty is astounding.  This chair had been sitting in my parents’ basement for a while, and I’d been lusting after a wingback type chair as an added seat in our apartment.  Unfortunately, our little bitty staircase limits our choices as to what we can fit up there (hence our Wally-World couch and my IKEA wardrobe).  But this little number is pretty petite, so I decided to rescue her from the dungeon and bring her to our apartment.

But this is where things got tricky (and therefore delayed).  The chair was obviously in desperate need of reuphosltering.  The frame is in great shape, but that was about it.  Reupholstering a chair has been a dream of mine ever since I came across this tutorial.  My theory: How hard can it be?

So I got right to stripping that sucker down to its knickers and – after about 400 tacks and 3 hours of solid work – wound up with this:

Joy of joys!  I was halfway there!  Um.  No.  I realized that I didn’t actually know how to go about this whole reupholstery thing and the chair has been sitting in my living room for the pastthree monthslooking like this:

(Forgive the terrible pictures… if anything it just emphasizes the sad situation.)

I have continued to go through the motions of “I’m going to do this, darn it” and bought the materials, fabric, and the like.  But even all of that has now been sitting in my apartment for… 2 months.  And it turns out that the waitlist to have something reupholstered at the Walpole State Prison is 8-10 months, so looks like I’m going to have to just get after it myself.  Here.  We.  Go.

P.S.  For anyone who remembers my other chair endeavor… it hit the fan.  Couldn’t be fixed.  So I can’t fail on this one, too!

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3 Responses to Unfinished Project # 312

  1. ladyschuh says:

    Looks like fun! You will have to teach me how!

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