ADD: Adult Desk Diversion

So yes.  I’m at work.  And I have a to do list.  That’s pretty long.  But I have no motivation.  Probably because – like yesterday – it is beautiful outside.  So instead of getting on my to do list, I thought I’d stop in here and say, “What’s up?” and “Check this out.”


(I love googling phrases.)

I emailed my landlord to ask about the possibility of subletting our apartment for July and August.  Yep.  We’re moving.  We want to go to Charlestown.  He called me and said, “If June is easier, we can do that.  Don’t worry about subletting we can just have someone pick up a lease starting July 1st.  I’m happy to help you however I can.”  I will never. have. a. better. landlord.  Craigslist – here we come!

In other news, my hair got stuck in my armpit this morning when I went to put deodorant on, so now my tresses smell like Mitchum.  Mmm.

Now for the “Check This Out”:

(Obviously an elephant would make sense – found here.)


Have you seen people walking around with straws in their Starbucks hot drinks?  It never made any sense to me…but then I heard why they do it, and I tried it, and I kind of liked it…

It’s to keep from staining your teeth when you drink coffee.  Genius.  Too bad I’m mostly a tea drinker these days (my “frou frou” drinks from Starbucks that masquerade as coffee are not in my budget).  Boiling water just isn’t ideal for a straw.  But for those of you espresso-hooked-folks: give it a shot!  (Get it?  Ha.)

And another AMAZING discovery was Special K chips.  I’m a sucker for advertising, to be sure, and I was instantly drawn to the “110 calories in 27 chips” plug.  But I’ll tell you what’s even better than that bonus: The fact that there are only 3.5 servings in a box.

Which means that in the entire box of chips there are only about 400 calories.  Hallelujah!  That’s the same number of calories I usually waste love to spend on my two favorite Easter candies: a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg and a “snack size” pack of Cadbury Mini Eggs.  Thank goodness this stuff is seasonal.  (Not that I discriminate against the Reese’s Peanut Butter pumpkins, Christmas trees or hearts, of course…)

And finally, check out who I’ll be seeing tomorrow night:

(I borrowed this photo from PW’s website here.)


Woo hoo!  As part of her book tour, the Pioneer Woman is coming to Brookline, and I’ll be buying a copy of her cookbook!  Heck.  I might even wear my cowboy boots.  (I worked on a ranch in Wyoming for a summer.  Maybe I’ll tell you about that someday.)  I’ll be sure to take some pictures – if they let me – and share them with you all!

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