Oh, Balls.

This is a quick pitch post for you about my Monday:

I brought an exercise ball to sit on at work. This is going to help with my posture, my poise, my grace, my style… Fine. It’s going to help with my posture, my sometimes-excessive-amounts-of-energy, and hopefully help me burn an extra 8 calories a day.

Well it took only 6 hours for me to bite the dust. Yup. Stood up for a half a second and then sat right back down. On nothing. I am nothing if not ungraceful, so there was a giant crash bang boom (enter onomatopoeia here) and then silence from my coworkers.

Small voice: “Are you okay?”

Me: Uproarious laughter. (Half because it’s funny and half because – what else can you do?  You’re mortified.)

I have a scratch on my lower back and a bruise on the back of my arm but escaped otherwise unscathed. It’s been two full days of sitting on the ball since “the incident.”  Here’s hoping I can make it through Friday.

I feel leaner, meaner and sorer already. (Not really, but it’s all about your attitude, right?)

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4 Responses to Oh, Balls.

  1. cmeves says:

    …. watch out for this.

  2. cmeves says:

    … watch out for scissors too!

    • Catie says:

      Hahahah I almost fell off my ball laughing at this! Fortunately, I think mine was only $10 and I also expect that if anyone is going to stab it… it might be me. Ha. Starting day 4 of no injuries!

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