It’s Alive!

I guess I should say… “I’m alive!”  Because it’s been exactly…one month and two weeks (so… 6 weeks?) since my last post.  But let me assure you that I haven’t been intentionally bailing.  The blog just was on the back burner while I was busy with everything else in my life.

Let me tell you what you’ve missed.  (And I’ll tell you that I’m sorry I left a picture of ground beef on my homepage for 6 weeks).

Since my last post I…

Dogsat for two weeks.  (It was raining.)


Moved to Charlestown.  (I have not a single picture of my apartment yet.)

Got in the face with a tiara.  (Yes, I know I have heavy brows.) Image

Bought TOMS.  (And then realized that are the same exact color as my purse, so… I can’t use them together.) Image

Ran a half marathon (not in my TOMS).  And since you ask, I am now retired.


Went to France. Image

Put on 5 pounds.  (No joke.  Kevin – ignore this.)


Joined Weight Watchers  (And I thought I was so cool when I quit.)

Got my first shellac manicure. (And chipped it the next day on a door jamb.)


Started discussing “landscaping plans” with my mamasita.  (Window boxes, here we come!)

Bought a grill.  (I am more excited about this than anything else.)


 So needless to say, life has been busy.  And this weekend I have my five year college reunion.  Which I think you’re supposed to come back to looking “fit.”  Um…

I’ll share more about France (as much for you as for my personal archiving) in the next week or so.  Be sure to read on a full stomach because 3/4 of the pictures are of food… and you’re going to be hungry.

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2 Responses to It’s Alive!

  1. Carolyn says:

    I love your Toms! So cute. And that dog in the rain jacket is ridiculous, but it made me smile.

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