Party On.

I should be doing a number of other things, but as far as I’m concerned I call a day lost when it starts with 2 donuts.  Mmm… donuts…

The Simpsons was my family show growing up.  That and the X-Files.  But we weren’t allowed to watch other TV.  Riddle me that.

In my “let’s take an undeserved 5 minute break and scope out” diversion, I stumbled upon the very timely “Outdoor Entertaining Style” quiz.

And I took it.  And didn’t like my result.  So I took it again.  And still don’t like my result, but really just the title of it, because the description is actually pretty accurate.

I love white plates.  And my mom (who I am) is all about baskets lined with napkins, which means that as I continue my unintentional and inevitable (in the best way) transformation into Mama O’, I too will start lining baskets with napkins and things.  So I would argue that the quiz results are pretty accurate.  At least for me.

Take the quiz yourself and enjoy a five minute reprieve.  Happy weekend all you party planners!

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