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Basil Butter

I told you the other day about the smelly little furry used-to-be-cute-but-now-I-hate-them caterpillars that have been eating my basil and ravaging my garden.  What I didn’t tell you was that I also picked a healthy batch of basil before the … Continue reading

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Mary, Mary, Quite Contrar(ily edited)

Catie, Catie, oh dear Catie, How does your garden grow? With begonias and basil plants All in a pretty row?   No, no Catie, those are zinnias, Begonias you have not, And basil, basil, your sad basil, Caterpillars eat that … Continue reading

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The Soundtrack of My Life

My friend Cate said once, “I like walking around listening to my iPod because it makes me feel like I’m in a movie and it’s the soundtrack of my life.”  I like that.  Of course, it was 8 years ago … Continue reading

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Copley Farmer’s Market

As I’ve told you, I work in Boston.  More specifically, I work in the Back Bay area.  During spring, summer and fall months (I think it’s April through September or October), there is a farmer’s market in Copley Square.  It’s … Continue reading

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Revelations and Ruminations 5.0

Because it’s been a while and because I know I can’t be the only one who is interested in the thoughts that go through my head at every moment (and to give Kevin/my mom/Betsy a break from hearing them – just … Continue reading

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Black Bottomed _____berry Cream Pie

Technically this bad boy is a Black Bottomed Raspberry Cream Pie.  According to the original recipe.  But because it was the fourth and because I love the old red white and blue, I went rogue and made it with strawberries … Continue reading

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Independence Day

We’ll call this, “The 4th in Review.”  Yesterday was great.  Hot as blazes and full of food, beer and laughs.  So a win in my book.  My friend Katie (with whom I made the caprese bruschetta) is still dog sitting in … Continue reading

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