Adventures in Circuit Breaking

Given the fact that it’s summer, the air conditioners are in the windows.  And I no longer blow dry my hair.  (Because, really, what’s the point if all that effort is just going to go up in frizz as soon as you step outside and start sweating? Best case scenario is that only the hair touching your neck and face will crimp and curl.  Which still isn’t a good scenario.)

You may wonder, “What’s the correlation between ACs and dry hair?”  Or you may not and you may just chalk it up to more of my usual ramblings.  Either way, I’ll tell you.  Normally I skip blow drying my hair in the summer.  Not only because of the frizz I mentioned above, but also because it’s just too damn hot to blow dry my hair and I’m sweating and needing another shower by the time I finish.

Unless the AC is in.  Then I can handle it.  For special occasions.  So Saturday was a bridal shower followed by a birthday party, and I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to look a little more put together.  So I proceeded to bust out the hair dryer.  And the straightener (big guns).  And crank the AC.

And about five minutes in… everything shut off.  Because I broke a circuit.  I don’t even know if that’s the right phrase, but Dad keeps telling me (every time I do this at my parents’ house – I never learn) that I didn’t “blow a fuse.”  Or maybe my mom tells me that.  Either way.  All power to my room shut off. 

So I started investigating.  “I know how to deal with this!  I am so handy!  Dad just had to do this last weekend because of me!”  With all of this Bob-the-Builder confidence, I proceeded to run downstairs to the circuit breaker box (if that’s what it is called) and switch… all of them.  Twice.  Because the first, second, third and fourth times I ran up and down the stairs with all of the switching, nothing happened.  Everything was still off in my room.

I broke and called my dad.

He said, “You can tell which one is the right switch to reset because it will have moved when the power cut off.”

I said, “Well, I certainly can’t tell anymore because I already flipped them all.”‘

He said, “And it still isn’t working?”

I said, “Yeah.  Still not working.  I even flipped them all twice.”

He said, “Well did anything else turn off in your apartment?”

I said, “No.  And the circuit breaker box is for the whole entire house.  All three apartments.”

He said, “You’re flipping the switches in the box in your room, right?”

I said… nothing.  I just stood there and stared at the circuit breaker box in my room.  Right next to my mirror.

I hung up the phone.  And completely forgot the tidbit about knowing which one to flip and proceeded to turn every single one off and on. 

Naturally, mine was the last.

Yep.  Every floor has its own breaker box.  Here’s hoping the neighbors on the first floor weren’t home at 11am on Saturday wondering why everything in their house was turning on and off.  Twice.

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2 Responses to Adventures in Circuit Breaking

  1. Carolyn says:

    Hahahaha, I love that you are able to fully disclose your ‘adventures.’ And the pictures make this post laugh-out-loud funny.

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