Revelations and Ruminations 5.0

Because it’s been a while and because I know I can’t be the only one who is interested in the thoughts that go through my head at every moment (and to give Kevin/my mom/Betsy a break from hearing them – just kidding, now they can just read them).  Revelations and Ruminations 5.0:

1.  Does anyone in the world never get a wonky grocery cart?  Every time I pull one from the stack, I find myself willing all the wheels to work only to find that while it boogies just fine in one direction, it’s impossible to turn.  Which makes it impossible to turn down the candy aisle.  And the baking aisle.  And the ice cream aisle.  You get my drift.

2.  Clarice (my roommate) and I bought a Groupon for Bikram Yoga.  Yes.  I paid $30 to sweat to death in a room full of women and men wearing hardly any clothing.  A full 90 minutes for each class where I curse the day space heaters were created and am in awe of how porous my legs are as I watch beads of sweat pop out of every. single. pore.  And that $30 for a three week pass was a “steal.”

3.  The little herb/flower bed I have growing in the back of my apartment is overflowing.  While simultaneously being eaten by caterpillars.  To remedy this, I put diatomaceous earth on the plants.  But then my basil was sort of burning my lips last night, so I wonder whether I washed it enough…  Or if the caterpillar laced it with cayenne pepper out of spite.

4.  Yesterday was the first day in weeks that I didn’t have to turn the AC on in my room until bedtime.  It’s a beautiful thing.

5.  How is it that half of the men in the world today have smaller thighs than I do?

6.  I like going to the movies by myself.  I don’t have to guts to go to dinner by myself.  Well.  Not in a fancy restaurant.  Maybe I should add that to my bucket list.

7.  Also on my bucket list: making out in a movie theater.  I wasn’t allowed to go to the movies alone until I was 16 and never got the chance…  (This isn’t really on my bucket list… or is it?)

8.  I’m going to the movies two days in a row and seeing very similar films:  Ted and Brave.  I lied about them being similar.  And I don’t think either with cater to a make out session.  Shoot.  What else is out?

9.  Nine used to be my favorite number.  SheHulk (the female version of regular Hulk) was my favorite superhero.  My first screen name was SheHulk9.  Thank God I wasn’t into chat rooms… who know what kind of person would be looking to talk to a SheHulk9.

10.  In case you were wondering, 27 is now my favorite number.  Although my birthday is in just a little over a month and I will be 27 and it may no longer be my favorite number.  I’ll keep you posted.

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