Copley Farmer’s Market

As I’ve told you, I work in Boston.  More specifically, I work in the Back Bay area.  During spring, summer and fall months (I think it’s April through September or October), there is a farmer’s market in Copley Square.  It’s one of those things that I always walk by and think, “Shoot!  Why didn’t I go there for my veggies this week?” or “There’s that huge ‘GOAT CHEESE’ sign again… resist… resist…” or “I want those sunflowers that woman just bought.”

Note that I think these things.  I never actually go to the Farmer’s Market.  So Clarice and I were walking back from Shaw’s the other day and decided to finally stop by.  Well, the conversation went more like this:

Me:  “We still have 20 minutes until our break is over.”

Clarice:  “We can just walk really slowly to take our time and then we won’t sweat too much.”

Me:  “Or do you want to walk around the Farmer’s Market and look for free samples?”

Clarice:  “Yes.”

We’re gross/inspiring/honest/shameless.  I know this.  So walk around we did.  We saw those beautiful sunflowers I’m always lusting after…

Naturally I instagramed all of the pictures… if not just for viewing pleasure but also for easy sizing.

And there were plump blueberries…

One rhetorical question…

A few other sweet treats…

And loads of veggies, of course…

Sadly, we only got one free sample.  (Fine.  It’s not actually sad, but we were a little bummed.)  It was a taste of a gluten-free blueberry corn muffin.  And it was amazing.  We decided that we couldn’t leave without a little something, so we scraped together two dollars (literally – I pulled 4 quarters out of my wallet and Clarice had one dollar on her) and made our purchase.

Can you guess what it was?

If you guessed peanut butter cookie, you’re right!  If you guess blueberries, you’re sweet and obviously don’t know anything about me.

It wasn’t great, though.

Me:  “This cookie isn’t that satisfying.”

Clarice:  “No it isn’t.  We should have gone with the chocolate chip.”

Me:  “I mean.  It’s not so dissatisfying that I’m going to stop eating it…”

Clarice:  Couldn’t say anything because she was eating her cookie.

Anyway.  I love me some farmer’s markets and fruit stands and all that jazz.  If I finally get my act together enough to try out some of the produce, I’ll let you know how it is.  If you get there before me – share the wealth (of information)!

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