Mary, Mary, Quite Contrar(ily edited)

Catie, Catie, oh dear Catie,

How does your garden grow?

With begonias and basil plants

All in a pretty row?


No, no Catie, those are zinnias,

Begonias you have not,

And basil, basil, your sad basil,

Caterpillars eat that lot.

But that diatomaceous earth should help

To vanquish those furry critters

And soon – real soon

I’ll make basil fritters. 

What about those pretty pansies?

Whatever do you mean?

Mama told me they’re petunias,

My thumb, it isn’t green.


I’ll add tomatoes to my basil fritters

There’s one plant that is no frills.

And bugs and slugs (no joke – they’re gross)

Will never have their fill.


All there really is to say,

Is thank you to my Mama hen.

She planted these, you see

And has faith that I won’t kill ‘em.

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3 Responses to Mary, Mary, Quite Contrar(ily edited)

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  2. Carolyn says:

    Wow, you have a green thumb. I’m super impressed!

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