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I’m a Winner. Teddy Knows.

I want to lie to you and tell you that I’m a really cool and crazy 27-year-old. But like I just said – that would be a lie. I have been in bed by 10 every night for 9 straight … Continue reading

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A Busy Day.

  This is what my to do list looks like right now. I put the important things on top of the list. This is fast becoming a candy blog…

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Mary, Mary Revisited

Do you remember back when I wrote a poem about my (lack of) green thumb?  And how I said that my mom helped me planted a bunch of plants that were impervious to nature me? Welp.  Lookie-loo.  See what I … Continue reading

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As it turned out, yesterday was the most beautiful day in the history of the world.  So after I spent 5 hours cleaning my bedroom and doing 4 loads of laundry to get rid of all of the black rot … Continue reading

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This is My MO

I leave my workout gear in a pile on the floor so it’s easily accessible and will encourage me to get out there. What really happens is that my workout gear gets a grand tour of my room while I … Continue reading

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And Now a Shout Out to Mia Madre.

So no one probably noticed the change in my “Bonjourno Buon giorno” bit on the right of my blog except for mia Madre (my mother).  Ma – how do you like that for proper Italian? Mama O’ is brilliant.  And hates music … Continue reading

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My Dad is Cooler than Your Dad

My dad just called me at work to blast Call Me Maybe from his car stereo. He said, “I heard this and figured I should call you.” Yes.  Yes you should.  Best. Dad. Ever. In other news, have you ever … Continue reading

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