And Now a Shout Out to Mia Madre.

So no one probably noticed the change in my “Bonjourno Buon giorno” bit on the right of my blog except for mia Madre (my mother).  Ma – how do you like that for proper Italian?

Mama O’ is brilliant.  And hates music like “Call Me Maybe” (see my dad’s blog shout out below).  She and my Dad are great together (it’ll be 34 years of wedded bliss on Sunday) and they have their differences: taste in music, height, and how ground beef tastes best (one says raw, the other says cooked).  I come from a family of carnivores and we share blue eyes, political beliefs, love and proper spelling and punctuation.  For the most part.  Which is how this all comes together.

I woke up this morning to an email from my mother:

Mi cara figlia,


Buon giorno (correct)


Buongiorno  (colloquial)

Look it up yourself and do it for your mother.


Your Mother.

This is the 12th email from my mother beseeching me to properly spell buon giorno.  (No, I don’t actually know that it is the 12th, but it’s definitely more than 11 and less than 13.  Just kidding.  But seriously.  There have been a lot.)

So, Mom.  Happy Friday.

P.S.  I also finally opted to stop acting like this is a DIY (Do It Yourself) blog and more of a BD (brain drain) blog and updated the buon giorno section to reflect that.  Now I can stop pretending I’m Martha Stewart.  But I won’t ever stop wanting to be her.

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4 Responses to And Now a Shout Out to Mia Madre.

  1. Mom says:

    What does MS have that you don’t have?
    1) A huge staff and consultants to create the illusion that her ideas and resources and energy are endless.
    2) Four felony convictions and a prison sentence.

    Love you forever, Catie.

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