Mary, Mary Revisited

Do you remember back when I wrote a poem about my (lack of) green thumb?  And how I said that my mom helped me planted a bunch of plants that were impervious to nature me?

Welp.  Lookie-loo.  See what I have in my garden!

I’m pretty sure everyone else’s tomatoes came through in August but it looks like my tomatoes are late bloomers.

So are my morning glories (yes, I did a little squeak shriek when I saw this yesterday morning and immediately emailed my garden savior mom).

I should really say morning glory in the singular because it’s the only one I have right now.  And the nights are getting cold quickly.  And I may or may not have cut back a ton of them because they were crawling into the kitchen windows… but even if that is the case and Purple Murple is the only MG for me, I’ll take it.

Naturally, now I want to get mums and pumpkins.  And a new wool blazer.  And black riding boots.  Oh, fall.

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