I’m a Winner. Teddy Knows.

I want to lie to you and tell you that I’m a really cool and crazy 27-year-old. But like I just said – that would be a lie.

I have been in bed by 10 every night for 9 straight nights. Once – Saturday – I didn’t get into bed until 10:24. But I had already been asleep on the couch since 9:55.

My idea of a win is finding the new contact lens that I just opened and immediately dropped. The fact that I found it on top of the trash doesn’t ruin the victory. Those things are monthlies. I didn’t think twice before running some saline on it and calling it clean.

Another victory is logged every time I get away without washing my hair. I went to work last week after running in the morning and still not washing my hair (I showered the bod, folks) and had one of my better hair days of September. In fairness it was cool out and I run slowly so I wasn’t very sweaty to begin.

My shower schedule directly affects my workout schedule. As Kevin said to me last weekend, “Oh I get it. A run equals a shower so you just aren’t going to run.” (I have been discovered.)

I’m waiting for my wit to be discovered. I think half the stuff I say would be good for one of those wildly popular ecards. Of course it would be anonymous but I’d log a win every time my wit was repinned.

*Note there was no reference to a Teddy in the post.  That one was for you, Mom.

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