Picking Apples. And Pumpkins. And Donuts.

As a “welcome to fall” adventure, I went apple picking on September 22nd.

It was raining.  And then misting.  Which is not appropriate for the first day of fall.

I went with my donut-hounding cronies Annie and Betsy.  (They love this picture.  I just know it.)

Because people really just go to apple orchards for cider donuts.  And pumpkins.

The next night Clarice and I made an apple spice bundt cake.  With toffee bits.  And extra apples.  In a fancy bundt pan.

It was all very exciting.  Until it wasn’t.

“Almost made it” is starting to sum up my baking life.  But.  I mean.  Let’s be serious.  It’s a lot more about how it tastes and not how it looks, so we cut that sucker up and brought it into our very grateful coworkers.  And ate a piece (or two or three) ourselves.

What are you doing to welcome in fall?  Pumpkin goodies are around the corner.  mmm…

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3 Responses to Picking Apples. And Pumpkins. And Donuts.

  1. Carolyn says:

    That looks delicious… the extra apples probably caused the batter to be a bit wetter and therefore not bake just perfectly. I’m an expert in baking all things, if you couldn’t tell… I’ll get off my soapbox now.

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