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Apple Bread: Victory

Well looky-loo.  It’s been over a week since my last post, which is bad news.  But the good news is that it hasn’t been over two weeks.  And the best news is that I am happily sharing a victorious recipe with … Continue reading

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Picking Apples. And Pumpkins. And Donuts.

As a “welcome to fall” adventure, I went apple picking on September 22nd. It was raining.  And then misting.  Which is not appropriate for the first day of fall. I went with my donut-hounding cronies Annie and Betsy.  (They love … Continue reading

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I’m a Winner. Teddy Knows.

I want to lie to you and tell you that I’m a really cool and crazy 27-year-old. But like I just said – that would be a lie. I have been in bed by 10 every night for 9 straight … Continue reading

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A Busy Day.

  This is what my to do list looks like right now. I put the important things on top of the list. This is fast becoming a candy blog…

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Mary, Mary Revisited

Do you remember back when I wrote a poem about my (lack of) green thumb?  And how I said that my mom helped me planted a bunch of plants that were impervious to nature me? Welp.  Lookie-loo.  See what I … Continue reading

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As it turned out, yesterday was the most beautiful day in the history of the world.  So after I spent 5 hours cleaning my bedroom and doing 4 loads of laundry to get rid of all of the black rot … Continue reading

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This is My MO

I leave my workout gear in a pile on the floor so it’s easily accessible and will encourage me to get out there. What really happens is that my workout gear gets a grand tour of my room while I … Continue reading

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