Independence Day

We’ll call this, “The 4th in Review.”  Yesterday was great.  Hot as blazes and full of food, beer and laughs.  So a win in my book.  My friend Katie (with whom I made the caprese bruschetta) is still dog sitting in that beautiful central air home, so she hosted a barbecue.  We didn’t have a huge crowd, but it was a good one.

With festive napkins and delicious chocolate covered pretzels.

My new sandals (and new favorite color combo)… oh.  I’m sorry.  My feet might gross you out.  Just focus on the color combo.

And one of my favorite desserts ever (although I took the cheater’s route which really doesn’t hold up well in the heat).  I’ll share the recipe soon.

I was actually back at my apartment solo, showered, and in my pjs by 8:00.  And in bed, contacts out, and eyes closed by 10:15.  But then I was up, in my glasses and out the door at 10:36 because what’s the Fourth of July without fireworks?

So there I stood at the top of Bunker Hill in a funeral home parking lot surrounded by townies in the rain watching the Boston fireworks…

And it was awesome.  Love Charlestown.

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